sunday Resources

Below you can find various resources that deal with different forms of oppression. Didn't get a chance to hear the message? Check it out here:


“The Insanity of God”- This is both a book and a movie that deals with the problem of persecution of Christians worldwide, and how Christians are responding to it.  Find more information at

“The Locust Effect”- This book by IJM talks about the connection between violence and poverty in the world.

“In Our Backyard”- This book, written about human trafficking in the United States, by an organization by the same name.  The leaders of “in our backyard” are believers, but the organization has a broad impact.

“Gosnell”- This is a disturbing book, that is soon to be a movie about an abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  Prepare yourself.

“Walking while Black”- This is a movie about the incidental racism that black members of our society can face simply for being black.  A number of the participants are people of the Christian faith.

“The New Jim Crow” – This book talks about the high rate of incarceration for African Americans.  The impact of this reality is not good for our country and for moving ahead in a healthy way.

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