Hi Eastern Hills,

Thank you for taking some time to get to know Rob & Kierstyn! Below you will find their bio, some sample messages, as well as Rob's resume. The Board of Elders wants to hear any feedback or answer questions that you have. You can email the board at elders@easternhills.org.

I am personally excited to partner with Rob! We share a passion for all people to know and experience God's incredible love through the transforming presence of Christ. Through the interview process, it became clear that Rob's skill set is both complementary to mine and a great fit for Eastern Hills. The prospect of leading our church alongside him is encouraging to me, as is the unique experience and expertise he will bring to our Sunday worship gatherings and Learning environment.

One on one, with our families, and with the elders and staff, we had great chemistry and synergy. In all settings, we easily struck the right balance of laughter, candidness, independence, and teamwork. It's no small feat for every member of the Board and staff to have resounding unity, and I believe it is the work of the Spirit.

I hope as you get to know Rob you discover the same things. I'm looking forward to all that we will see God do in and through Eastern Hills!

Peace & Grace,


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Meet Rob & Kierstyn Ryerson

Rob & Kierstyn have 3 children, Rose (6 years old), Clover (4 years old) and Lily (14 months old). Kierstyn received her teaching credentials from Fresno Pacific University. She had planned to be a missionary overseas. Somehow Rob convinced her to follow him here in the US. They are big Disney fans and enjoy a good dinner without kids. Over the years Rob has converted his family to the dark side as they bleed Patriot colors. If Rob wasn’t a Pastor he’d love to be a general manger of a sports team. Kierstyn would likely travel the world. Their daughter Rose has high aspirations of some day being a snake trainer in Australia. Clover is set on being a superhero, preferably Bat Woman. Lily really just wants to be wherever Mom is.

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