Date Nights

Married People Date Night is written so that any couple of any age can do it. The dates require very little prep and involve little cost beyond a standard night out. They are great for any couple in any region. They are intended to be FUN! Date nights are designed to help couples remember what they like about each other, and it also gets them out of the same old rut.

Large Group Events

Married People Night Out is a large group experience that we will host 3-4 times per year, typically at the church. The purpose is to create a place to connect with other married people in our church in a smaller and more informal environment than the Sunday morning experience. Our goal is to have fun and foster new relationships. Each experience will be a bit different than the previous one, and we are always open to new ideas. This event can be fun to attend as a double date, or with your small group, or just to meet new couples.

Small Group Studies/Classes

Married People Studies will offer Small Group resources and eventually classes to experience real people with real questions about your faith and life. Life change happens when surrounded by a small group of trusted people. More details as these are organized.

Monthly Emails

Married People Monthly was designed to be that nudge for couples to have a conversation. A nudge to laugh. A nudge to think. It is a monthly marriage email to help marriages. Imagine a man AND woman-friendly resource that is mush-free and brings couples together. Every month, the Married People Monthly contains go-and-do's that couples can actually go and do.



Have Serious Fun

Having fun as a couple is not optional; it’s essential. We believe the best way to protect your marriage is to enjoy it regularly. (Proverbs 5:18)

Respect and Love

Of the few verses God gives to husbands and wives, the directive to respect and love is commanded more than any other. This truth really can set us free when we understand the interplay of respect and love. (Ephesians 5:21-33)

Love God First

When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment, His answer was to love God with all you are and to love others as well as you love yourself. Loving God in your individual life greatly impacts your married life. (Matthew 22:37-40)

Practice Your Promise

Our spouses trusted that we would do what we promised when we said, “I do”—to love each other and to stay together no matter what. Knowing and experiencing a lasting commitment is vital to every marriage. (Proverbs 5:18; Malachi 2:15)

Want to Get Involved?

We would to love hear from you and are open to new ideas. We also would love you to help us plan and organize these events and offerings listed above. Email Mark Noble: Mark.Noble@easternhills.org