Pursuing The
Promises of Christ


Advent is the season in which we celebrate the coming of Jesus. It is a time of great wonder, anticipation, and preparation.

Advent is not meant to be a time of passive or distracted waiting; it is an adventure.

We wonder at the miracle of the incarnation—God in human form reflecting the faithfulness of God to humanity and humanity to God through Jesus life, death, and resurrection. How incredible, how mysterious that God arrives as a baby in a manger so that we might know God! We anticipate the arrival of Christ on Christmas, which mirrors our anticipation of the return of Christ and eventual restoration of the whole universe! Finally, we prepare for the arrival of the One who offers the hope, love, joy and peace that our hearts long for. Advent is not meant to be a time of passive or distracted waiting; it is an adventure.

This year, we are embarking on our own Advent{ure} at Eastern Hills. As we anticipate the arrival of Christ, we will pursue his promises within our families and as a whole church. This guide is designed to help us reflect and pursue the promises found in Christ in the days and weeks to come. Our sermon series will guide us in the pursuit of these promises as we prepare to travel through a season of succession as a church. We look forward to celebrating the wonder and grace we experience this Advent season as we pursue the promises of Christ together!

Kyle Pipes

About the Advent Family Guide
This guide contains five weeks of devotionals centered around the promises of God: hope, love, joy, peace, and Christ. The sections were written by Eastern Hills staff members and each week begins with a fun bio that will help us to read the devotionals through that individual's unique voice. Each day there is a question to ponder, a short reflection, prayer, and a family activity to help the teaching take shape in your household. Lastly, a different local partner is highlighted each week in conjunction with the promise that their ministry manifests in our community.

You can scroll down to view the guide or download a high-quality digital copy by following the link below.