MISSION & vision

Thriving communities of grace throughout Syracuse who are experiencing the transforming presence of Christ.

values & practices

Together with the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, we will be a people who:

Listen to God

Prayer • We believe that God wants to connect with us on a regular basis in the midst of the messiness of life. In prayer we wrestle with and grab a hold of that connection with God, responding both in words and silent presence.  

Scripture • God meets us in the Scriptures and shapes our lives. Through them he uniquely encourages, challenges, and teaches us about faith and life. Through them, he paints for us a deeper and fuller picture of reality and reminds us of His great faithfulness within the long expanse of time and creation. 

Spiritual Conversations • God is at work within this world. One of the ways in which we begin to help others discover for themselves how God is at work around them, and even within their own lives, is through significant spiritual conversations; timely conversations that grow out of patient listening, vulnerable reflections and a gentle boldness that offer opportunities to consider how God might be speaking within the circumstances of life.

Live available & Vulnerable Lives

Generosity • Through the grace-filled giving of our time, talents and money, we learn to be generous people and experience the radical grace and mercy of God in our own lives through others.

Hospitality • This exercise in love involves opening our lives up to the people around us without any expectation of getting something in return. In hospitality space is created for strangers to become friends, and friends to become family. In both the giving and receiving of hospitality, the opportunity to experience the grace of God is close at hand.

Rest • We aim to orient the rhythm of our lives to the power and peace of God, trusting him in our circumstances, caring for our bodies and souls through sleep and solitude, and celebrating life. 

Presence • Within the busyness of life, we replace the typical suburban narrative of individualism with one in which we intentionally make ourselves available and vulnerable to those around us physically, relationally and emotionally. 

LOVE god & neighbor

Corporate Worship • We gather together regularly to worship God, grow together and celebrate the stories of how God is at work in our lives. 

Care for the Poor and Needy • Jesus’ life told a story of compassion, love and humility. He walked among the “least of these” and laid out a call to all who would follow Him, saying, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” We believe our lives ought to continue to reflect Jesus’ own in caring for the poor and needy.

Honoring Others • As we share life with family, friends and community, we make daily decisions around how we will interact with others. In those interactions, we seek to value the humanity of others, treating them as image-bearers of God.

Reconciliation • We seek to demonstrate the grace that Christ extends to all by heeding the call to “love your neighbor as yourself” through the intentional breaking down of social, racial, economic and relational barriers that often divide us.