Let's Bring Hope To Clary

Welcome to Tuesday. The day that’s not the beginning of the week nor the end, but is good for tacos.

Celebrating Hope

This weekend we celebrated fathers and the story of God bringing hope to hard situations through Hopeprint, David’s Refuge, and Pass ‘Da R.O.C.K.. God at work in and through Eastern Hills!

Catalyzing Hope

We also heard about an opportunity to bring hope to the hard situation at Clary middle school. In case you missed the video, want to share it with your friends, or check it out again you can see it here. My frozen face before you hit play is worth the click and laugh alone.

We believe we can bring hope to Clary by feeding students in need, mentoring, and supporting their music arts program. Links are below to let us know you might be interested.

I'm in!

Want to find out more about how you can help feed students over the weekend through Blessings in a Backpack? click here.

If you think you might be willing to be a mentor, click here so we can follow up with you.

We believe there is an opportunity to do a physical improvement project in Clary’s auditorium to enhance their musical production. Also, Eastern Hills can come alongside Becca in running and attending the performances. If either of these seem like something you might want to participate with Click here.

Looking forward to seeing how God will add to the Eastern Hills story!


Benjamin Tubbs